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The Unique Property Group has created a service where we build you a Serviced Apartment business.

Here at Unique we are extremely excited about this service. Why? 

Because this is NOT a Mentorship or Course that leaves you high and dry and unsure what to do next. This is a BUSINESS BUILDER.

Starting a Serviced Accommodation business from scratch or expanding your existing business can be very financially rewarding BUT it definitely isn’t as easy as the “gurus” will have you believe.

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The Business Builder

The Unique Property Group have experienced all the above challenges and we currently manage 100+ units. We understand the fears, challenges and things you will (or are) going through in today’s economic times.

The Business Builder isn’t all about theory, we support you, actually source you deals* for your business and if needed will manage them for you. The time for talking and note books is over….it’s time to BUILD A BUSINESS.

WARNING: This is not a standard 12 month Mentorship. This is a Business Builder. We will take you through the process of how The Unique Property Group manage 100+ properties AND give you five of your own property deals* This is not for everyone and each successful applicant will be pre-screened for suitability.


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