EXCLUSIVE free training with property investor Lewis Hall.

EXCLUSIVE freE training with
property investor Lewis Hall.

Find out how people all across the UK are making thousands of pounds a month by investing in rent to rent serviced accommodation.

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What is Rent to Rent?

It’s as simple as it sounds. You rent a property from a landlord then your rent it back out as Service Accommodation charging a nightly rate like a hotel. You guarantee the landlord rental income and then you generate an income from the rent that you charge the tenants. The landlord is happy because they have a rental income without any of the hassle of managing the property, and you’re happy because you’re making a profit! Everyone is a winner!

Benefits of Rent to Rent Investment

No need
for mortgages

No need
for deposits

No legal costs
or stamp duty

Very little capital needed
to start a portfolio

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It's Not as Easy as it sounds

Launching and running a Property Sourcing Business or a Serviced Accommodation Business is NOT easy.

Many have tried and failed, only to find out the hard way that it takes lots of work. Thats exactly why at The Unique Property Group we work alongside you. We use our years of experience and vast network to provide you with the best chance possible of succeeding in this exciting new marketplace.

At Unique Property Group we specialise in bespoke property investments and services using the rent to rent serviced accommodation model. We are on a mission to make property investment as accessible as possible help aspiring investors achieve financial freedom.

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