UniQUE Media

The Unique Media Package

Getting attention and being noticed as a property investor, in particular a Serviced Apartment provider is ESSENTIAL.

If you solely rely on booking platforms to run your business, you are literally allowing them to dictate your monthly occupancy rates, which in-turn means your PROFIT.

The attention and network The Unique Property Group have built up over the years enables us to attract larger corporate bookings and deal with guests direct, as well using booking platforms.

This has all happened through our investment in the correct and professional media/marketing strategy, while delivering on the service we offer. Getting this wrong or trying to cut corners and costs will have a detrimental affect on the long term sustainability of your Serviced Apartment business. This is a fact!

With our years of experience, combined with the support of Gravity 7 Marketing Agency, we have created a UNIQUE Media Package where your property business can stand out and get the attention it deserves.

This will give you the best chance possible of increasing occupancy rates and ultimately your monthly profit.

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